About Us

Oxford, UK based Baycloud Systems was founded by husband and wife team Mike and Valerie O'Neill in 2009 to focus on the ethical and socially responsible uses of computer technology.

In May 2011 Baycloud introduced the first ePrivacy compliance tool, CookieQ, enabling website publishers to offer real opt-in tracking consent. From the start CookieQ actively managed cookies and local storage so they were removed when users were opted-out, supporting continuous revoke and consent expiry. Widening support to the management of embedded third-parties in 2012, CookieQ was the first web application to support the W3C Do Not Track signal and has employed the consent API since it was available on Microsoft browsers in 2013. The API is now fully implemented in the Baycloud Bouncer browser extension, available for Chrome and Firefox.

Mike O'Neill is a "serial entrepreneur" and software developer who started coding in 1967 (punching Algol 60 code onto paper tape, often edited with sticky tape and scissors). After a period working for Oxford University on statistical and numerical analysis systems and then the Scientific Civil Service working on large scale data communications systems, including early packet switching and OSI protocol development, he worked on the hardware and software design of the first microcomputers. This led to his first period of working in Silicon Valley, as technical director of one of the early Venture Capital backed microcomputer start-ups.

In the early 1980s he was enticed back to the UK to be the joint founder of connectivity software company Network Designers Limited, a company that dominated the mainframe to PC connectivity software market in the UK throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

After selling his interest he founded his own company KNX Ltd to address the burgeoning market in digital communications technology, associated with the internet and then the web. KNX was entirely self funded and rapidly became a success, opening up offices in, San Francisco, California and Melbourne, Australia.

KNX was acquired by Californian technology company Global Village Communications, a leading provider of integrated communication products and services, in December 1996 for 1.5m GVIL shares, valuing the company at almost $30m, and Mike became the Advanced Technology Director based in Sunnyvale.

Mike is an Invited Expert in the W3C's Tracking Protection Working Group, and has been actively involved in the creation of the Do Not Track standard.

Valerie O'Neill Following a career in academia and publishing, Valerie became involved in the software industry while working on a project for a media production company, then joined KNX as marketing director. There she helped lead the expansion of the company, and its later acquisition by Global Village.

The wider team consists of a mix of seasoned software developers who worked together in previous ventures, and a new generation of technically savvy and privacy engaged contributors.

Registered Address: Baycloud Systems Ltd. 4 Wharfe Mews Cliffe Terrace Wetherby LS22 6LX